One of the purposes of Goi is to give people something to hang on to. I want Goi and joy to be synonymous because this is a crazy world we live in and we all need to have something that restores hope and bolsters faith  and renews our joy for living.

The phrase knowing Goi was a gift God gave to me a couple of years ago so it has been tested tried and proven true. It is something I say to myself or even out loud over and over again -  if the situation calls for it - and saying Goi knowing that it means God's on it and hearing what sounds like joy makes me feel joy! For me knowing Goi is my credo my foundation - the belief that I live by everyday.

Knowing Goi to me is like nourishment for the soul. Just like we need to feed our bodies we need to feed our souls and our minds. Most people know how to feed their bodies but perhaps are not quite as sure how to feed their souls and their minds. We feed our souls and our minds with everything that we think, see, hear and touch. Just like feeding our bodies will give us the energy to live our lives, knowing Goi and thinking about and talking about Goi and seeing/touching/wearing Goi will give us the energy we need in order to make the proper decisions to live our lives to the fullest. We need the energy we get from knowing Goi in order to have the motivation, inspiration and accoutablility  (MIA) that living a spectacular life requires. 

The gift of knowing Goi has helped me so very much in my life I just want to pay that forward to everyone because we all need to know Goi - to think, hear and see Goi - to feel Goi!

Motivation and inspiration are clearly very important in life but to me the most important reason to know Goi is accountablilty. Goi holds us all accoutable for our own actions. Goi means that He knows the truth of everything we do. It takes rationalizing our behavior away out of the equation. This is why I stress to my treasures that one must be more committed to the truth than their own comfort because the further away from to truth one gets the further away from Goi they will be and trust me, there is no joy in that!

I also want Goi and joy to be separate from happiness. Happiness to me is episodic - caused by an event. Joy is something that one can have in their heart and soul no matter the circumstance. Joy lives in ones core it is a light even in the darkest of times and knowing goi is the genesis.