Name: Terri Giumarra - to my family I'm known as "Bear".   Trust me it fits. 

Rank: Officer in God's army, a position painstakingly earned.

Serial number: 000137 My favorite number (there's a story about these numbers - ask me and I'll tell) with three zeros in front of it! Makes me sound like a spy, I know and actually that fits too. I am a spy of sorts - more of a very interested observationist and believe me I have been paying attention. That's how I got my training for this purpose for my life - by being a student of life. I would describe my own life as more of a cautionary tale than the shining example however I feel very fortunate because adversity is a great teacher and I learned plenty through practical experience. I was also a student of academia - through that experience I earned  a masters degree in psychology which led to the next ten years of professional experience -teaching psychology to college students. 

So that's me in a nut shell a student/learner/teacher in God's army in this world doing what I have been trained to do - Knowing Goi!!

One fun fact about me - I call my students "my treasures" Reason is I had a professor in college who did this and as funny as it made me feel at first I grew to  love and appreciate it  - he really made me feel like a treasure so, knowing that I was going to be a teacher, I vowed to pay that forward and I have and will continue to do so. After all it is the truth we are all precious treasures - how do I know that? I know Goi!