Sounds like Joy, feels like Joy.

Hi everyone!

I'm Terri Giumarra, a woman on a mission with a passionate purpose to share with the world thats God's on it! (Goi - sounds like joy - feels like joy) It is more important than ever and the time is now to spread this message to as many people as possible so we can all survive this crazy world we live in. Knowing God's on it touches every aspect of our lives - we need it for guidance, gratitude, growth and grace. It puts the power back where it belongs with God and therefore in us. So let's make contact. Let's get connected and start this conversation. I am recruiting as many as I can because we need an army of believers creating hope and faith and wisdom in this world. Come join me and help spread the word conveying it anyway and anywhere we can to remind everyone that God's on it (Goi) and that not only sounds like joy, it looks like joy and feels like Joy. And they were singing Joy To The World...

                                   soul food...for thought.

                       When you find yourself in a spiral, all you have to do to change all aspects of the spin is change one thing!

                               If you would save the world - create within yourself what you would have for the world

                                                                    Know Goi my treasures!